About Sue

Sue photoSue is an old-school book nerd who remembers when Arrow and Tab book club delivery days were the highlight of elementary school. She would trudge home with her stack of paperbacks and lie on the front porch swing and read – Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, and so many more. After switching to Stephen King at age 12, clearly marking her as a JDR (Juvenile Delinquent Reader), she was able to hide just enough of her inner nerd to survive high school.

After graduating from college with a whole bunch of degrees, she abruptly abandoned her career and stayed home with her babies. With few societal constraints, she turned back to the world of horror fiction and expanded into pretty much every other genre available. Which explains the 20 books currently residing on her bedside table.

When she isn’t reading, watching TV and movies, having a love/hate relationship with her two cats, drinking martinis with her husband or over-mothering her now nearly grown children, Sue is an Editorial Manager at Silver Beacon Marketing. She oversees Readers Lane, Movie Rewind and Pop Rock Nation and nags her boss about his schedule. She feels that this is an ideal use of her skill sets.

Sue’s Reviews

Shadow of Seth (Seth Anomundy Book 1)

Teen Angst and Soul Food Author: Tom Llewellyn What do you think of when someone says “teen sleuth”?  Nancy Drew?  ...
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Dying to Tell (Gumshoe Ghost Book 3)

Supernatural Sleuthing Author: T.J. O'Connor You know, it isn’t easy to investigate when you’re dead.  Or at least that’s what ...
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Trish’s Team (Lady Tigers Series)

Tween Angst Author: Dawn Brotherton Do you remember what it was like to be 12 years old?  Yeah, me neither, ...
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Butterfly Waltz

Light as a Feather Author: Jane Tesh There is unquestionably a place in this world for light fantasy fiction.  Sometimes ...
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Needs a Booster Shot Author: John Benedict It’s been a while since I read a medical thriller. I used to ...
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A Dog, Cat, and Pig Day Afternoon Author: Eileen Brady I love my cats – really, I do. It would ...
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Death in the Dolomites

Skiing Down Mount Murder Author: David P. Wagner It’s February. I currently hate winter. I know there are those of ...
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Dear Daughter

You're ruining my life! Author: Elizabeth Little Being a teenager is a bitch. We all know it, but most of ...
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Truth and Other Lies Cover

Truth and Other Lies

Liar Liar Pants on Fire Author: Sascha Arango Who knows what secrets lurk beneath even the noblest facades? We do, ...
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Finders Keepers

Losers Weepers Author: Stephen King I do believe that Stephen King is in the process of writing what is as ...
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Water Knife, The

In a World of Thirst Author: Paolo Bacigalupi It’s the end of the world as we know it and I ...
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Forest’s Son

Into the Woods Author: Cyndy Aleo Vance is a weird kid. He’s always been a weird kid, ever since he ...
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Still Alice

Beautifully Devastating Author: Lisa Genova Book clubs are a great way to broaden your reading horizons. Left to my own ...
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Song of Achilles

Modern Mythology Author: Madeline Miller Does anyone else feel like their children learned far more mythology in school than they ...
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Art Imitates Life Author: Emma Donoghue How big is your world? Are you a traveler, seeing as much of the ...
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Odd Hours

Well, that's Odd. It’s been a while since I read one of Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas books. I’ve always liked ...
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Just You Wait

Psychic (Cozy) Friends Network I am 100% in favor of cozy mysteries with supernatural elements. Maybe even 150%. I enjoy ...
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Tell the Wolves I’m Home

Family Fallibility Author: Carol Rifka Brunt What were you doing in 1986? I was in college in the Midwest and ...
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The Word is Control Author: Max Barry We all know that words have power, right? As the communicators of emotion, ...
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Edison Effect, The

It's Electrifying! Author: Bernadette Pajer How much do you know about electricity? I suspect that most of us have let ...
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