About Sue

Sue photoSue is an old-school book nerd who remembers when Arrow and Tab book club delivery days were the highlight of elementary school. She would trudge home with her stack of paperbacks and lie on the front porch swing and read – Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, and so many more. After switching to Stephen King at age 12, clearly marking her as a JDR (Juvenile Delinquent Reader), she was able to hide just enough of her inner nerd to survive high school.

After graduating from college with a whole bunch of degrees, she abruptly abandoned her career and stayed home with her babies. With few societal constraints, she turned back to the world of horror fiction and expanded into pretty much every other genre available. Which explains the 20 books currently residing on her bedside table.

When she isn’t reading, watching TV and movies, having a love/hate relationship with her two cats, drinking martinis with her husband or over-mothering her now nearly grown children, Sue is an Editorial Manager at Silver Beacon Marketing. She oversees Readers Lane, Movie Rewind and Pop Rock Nation and nags her boss about his schedule. She feels that this is an ideal use of her skill sets.

Sue’s Reviews

Cookbook Giveaway Rules

Silver Beacon Marketing Inc’s Official Sweepstakes Rules ENTRY & ELIGIBILITY: There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  To enter, visit this  Internet ...
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the handmaid's tale book cover

Handmaid’s Tale, The

Eerily Prescient Dystopian Future Author: Margaret Atwood I make no secret of my love for dystopian future fiction.  Said fiction ...
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deep dark descending cover

Deep Dark Descending, The

Take the Plunge Author: Allen Eskens Like most people, I take sides when I’m reading a book.  I jump to ...
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Fate of the Tearling cover

Fate of the Tearling, The (Queen of the Tearling Book 3)

The queen goes rogue Author: Erika Johansen First things first.  If you haven’t read the first two books in this ...
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Life We Bury, The

Author: Allen Eskens A good mystery has a lot of moving parts.  It needs to be well plotted enough so ...
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When Bunnies Go Bad

Bunny Punned To Death Author: Clea Simon I’ve learned to ignore the bad titles of Clea Simon’s Pru Marlowe Pet ...
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Quick Walk to Murder

Quick, Walk Away Author: jd daniels Meet Jessie Murphy.  28 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall, artist, convenient holder ...
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Write to Die

Hollywood Hijinks Author: Charles Rosenberg Ah, Hollywood.  We do love to hate you, with your lavish lifestyles, petty bickering, and ...
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Silver Locket, The

Absolutely Foul Author: Sophia Bar-Lev I hated this book.  Every wretched page of it.  If you just want an easy ...
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Finding Jake

Too Many Jakes Author: Bryan Reardon We are culturally fascinated by children who do evil things.  Or maybe is isn’t ...
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Underground Outcasts Author:  Dean Koontz I admit that when I started reading Dean Koontz, many years ago, I thought of ...
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Crooked Little Lies

Miss Perception Author: Barbara Taylor Sissel Imagine what it would be like to be unable to trust your own perception.  ...
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Invasion of the Tearling, The (Queen of the Tearling, Book 2)

Truth and Consequences Author: Erika Johansen Warning: The Invasion of the Tearling is a series book!  So if you have ...
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Cold Morning (Edna Ferber Mysteries Book 6)

Getting Ferberized Author: Ed Ifkovic Do you know who Edna Ferber was?  I mean, beyond recognizing her name?  Then you’re ...
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Six Years

Soul Mate Skullduggery Author: Harlan Coben I love Harlan Coben.  I’ve never been disappointed in a book he wrote.  I’m ...
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Isolation (Faye Longchamp, Book 9)

No Joy on Joyeuse Author: Mary Anna Evans Faye Longchamp-Mantooth lives on an island. Not any island – Joyeuse Island ...
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Captcha Thief

There’s a Hacker in the House Author: Rosie Claverton Suppose for a moment that you are agoraphobic.  Leaving your home ...
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Waiting For the Cool Kind of Crazy

Love, Rage and Mental Illness Author: M.D. Moore Kids moan about their boring lives all the time.  We’ve all heard ...
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Heavens May Fall, The

No, YOU’RE out of order! Author: Allen Eskins If popular culture is to be believed, everyone hates criminal defense attorneys.  ...
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Funeral Hotdish

This Ain't No Cozy Casserole Author: Jana Bommersbach I’m going to use the first sentence of this review to complain ...
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