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urban fantasy


An Urban Story of a Dark Collection Author: Tim Lebbon When Angela’s boyfriend, Vince, suddenly leaves without a word, his farewell a cryptic letter, she refuses to believe that he willingly abandoned her. As her investigation into his seemingly normal life starts to unravel an unwholesome trail, leading straight to a famous and violent crime lord, she also refuses to stop believing in Vince’s ultimate goodness. He may have lied to her about who he was and what he did, but somehow, she knows that his love was no lie. And so Angela searches and encounters a world she never knew [...]

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Book of Night

For Shadows and Cons and Love Author: Holly Black In Charlie Hall’s world magic is real, but so is the oppression of power and wealth. People can pay to have their shadows altered, to give these dark mirror images wings or horns, to bring them into their own form of quickened life and power. This gives the shadow wearer abilities and prestige. But for the lowly, the everyman and everywoman, this means that your shadow can be stolen at any time, cut away while you sleep, torn away as you are held down screaming. Without a shadow they say that [...]

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