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Praying the Bible

An Effective Way to Reenergize Your Prayer Life Author: Donald S. Whitney Praying the Bible is a simple, straight-forward book about a complicated, multi-faceted topic. While the Bible tells Christians to pray without ceasing, and some of the bastions of our faith seemed to do this effortlessly (like the Apostal Paul), the rest of us are left in a rut. We know we should be better. We should want to pray, and our prayers should be more dynamic than, as Whitney notes, “saying the same old things about the same old things,” but honestly, they’re not. Prayer is the proverbial elephant [...]

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Prodigal God, The

A New Look at a Beloved Parable Author: Timothy Keller We’re all familiar with the story of the prodigal son. It’s a Biblical parable that gets repeated often, but we rarely spend time on the elder brother – the one who is left, distanced and angry at the rampant forgiveness of his errant, spendthrift brother. The parable is about unconditional grace, about flagrant forgiveness, after all, and the aside about the elder brother is just that – a reminder that a good person forgives his brother. Author Timothy Keller, however, has a completely different view of the parable, not the “forgiveness [...]

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God Is a Man of War

Tackling the Difficult Concepts in the Old Testament Author: Stephen De Young I discovered God is a Man of War through a YouTube recording of Father Stephen de Young discussing perceptions of unsubstantiated violence and brutality recorded in the Old Testament. De Young’s logical arguments and his willingness to address the proverbial elephant in the room drew me to reading the larger, more in-depth work from which he was drawing summary arguments. De Young starts out quite in-your-face with a refreshing honesty. The verses, even the entire chapters, which we as a society find distasteful and downright disturbing are there and [...]

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