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Praying the Bible

An Effective Way to Reenergize Your Prayer Life Author: Donald S. Whitney Praying the Bible is a simple, straight-forward book about a complicated, multi-faceted topic. While the Bible tells Christians to pray without ceasing, and some of the bastions of our faith seemed to do this effortlessly (like the Apostal Paul), the rest of us are left in a rut. We know we should be better. We should want to pray, and our prayers should be more dynamic than, as Whitney notes, “saying the same old things about the same old things,” but honestly, they’re not. Prayer is the proverbial elephant [...]

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Praying Life, A

Come as You Are Author: Paul Miller Prayer has always been hard for me. It’s a duty, a chore, and that’s not because the idea of talking to God is boring, but because I’ve fallen into a rut. It is necessary – required even – to pray for those around us, for family and friends, for job woes and life crises. Yet there is little to no variety, and soon our prayers become a list. Saying the same old things about the same old things. The flame of connection dies out, and the odious nature of a duty steps into place. [...]

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