About Sue

Sue photoSue is an old-school book nerd who remembers when Arrow and Tab book club delivery days were the highlight of elementary school. She would trudge home with her stack of paperbacks and lie on the front porch swing and read – Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, and so many more. After switching to Stephen King at age 12, clearly marking her as a JDR (Juvenile Delinquent Reader), she was able to hide just enough of her inner nerd to survive high school.

After graduating from college with a whole bunch of degrees, she abruptly abandoned her first career and stayed home with her babies. With few societal constraints, she turned back to the world of horror fiction and expanded into pretty much every other genre available. Which explains the 20 books currently residing on her bedside table.

When she isn’t reading, watching TV and movies, having a love/hate relationship with her two cats, drinking martinis with her husband, or trying to over-mother her grown children, Sue is the Editorial Director at Silver Beacon Marketing. She oversees Readers Lane and Movie Rewind and nags her boss about his schedule. She feels that this is an ideal use of her skill sets.

Sue’s Reviews

Run Cover


Teen Ninja On The Go Author: Francine Pascal *Disclaimer* This book is part of a series.  Do not start here.  ...
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Sam Cover


Ninja's Boyfriend Author: Francine Pascal *Disclaimer* This book is part of a series.  Do not start here.  These books in ...
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Fearless Cover


Fear the Teenage Ninja Author: Francine Pascal World, meet Gaia.  Not that Gaia wants to meet you, since she’s a ...
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Llama of Death Cover

Llama of Death

HE SPITTETH UPON YOU! Author: Betty Webb I’m accustomed to cozy mysteries having cutesy, punny titles that riff on the ...
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Gone Girl Cover

Gone Girl

[wptabs] [wptabtitle]Book Review[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent] MIA?  KIA?  OMG! Author: Gillian Flynn I love it when a friend says, “You have to ...
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Duma Key Cover

Duma Key

Phantom limbs in paradise Author: Stephen King Cold, snowy winter is the perfect time to curl up with a nice, ...
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Night Circus Cover

Night Circus, The (Sue)

Magical Mystery Tour Author: Erin Morgenstern We often see really good books referred to as “page turners”.  The kind of ...
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Skinny Book Cover


Deep Topic, Shallow Treatment Author: Donna Cooner A while back I read an article about Donna Cooner’s YA novel Skinny ...
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Reindeer Reading a Book

Happy Holiday Reading Guide

Ho-Ho-Holiday Reading! So what do you do when the holidays are coming and you need some way to get in ...
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Wild Child Book Cover

Wild Child and Other Stories

One of these things is not like the others... Ah, Book Club.  It broadens my horizons to have books chosen ...
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Death in the 12th House Cover

Death in the 12th House

Getting Cozy With Star Charts Author: Michael Scott Lewis Do you read your horoscope?  I used to when I was ...
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Angel Book Cover


That 70s Novel Author: Mary E. Kingsley Every kid probably feels at some point that the entire adult world is ...
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Only Time Will Tell Cover

Only Time Will Tell

Book 1 of the Clifton Chronicles Reader Beware!  Jeffrey Archer’s Only Time Will Tell is not a stand-alone book; it’s ...
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Zombie Cat Cover

Zombie Cat

Brains Are the New Catnip Author: Isabel Atherton We’re in the middle of a bonafide bout of Zombie Mania.  Movies, ...
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Maids of Misfortune Cover

Maids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery

Ye Olde Tyme Cozy Mystery Author: M. Louisa Locke There’s something extra cozy about a cozy mystery with a period ...
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Art of Fielding Cover

Art of Fielding, The

Swinging for the (Literary) Fence Author: Chad Harbach What is it with me and baseball books and movies?  Honestly, I ...
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Killer Instinct Cover

Killer Instinct

Sell or Be Sold Author: Joseph Finder I can’t quite imagine how much pressure it is to support your family ...
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Mind Your Own Beeswax Cover

Mind Your Own Beeswax

A Sticky Mystery Author: Hannah Reed As a fan of both mysteries and beekeeping (seriously, we have bees), Hannah Reed’s ...
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Through a Glass Darkly Cover

Through a Glass Darkly

Sordid, Bleak, Depressing.  Welcome to the 18th Century. Author: Karleen Koen In the interest of full disclosure, I have to ...
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Pushed Too Far Cover

Pushed Too Far

Bloody Knife Beach Read Author: Ann Voss Peterson Pushed Too Far.  Bloody Knife murder mystery.  Written by a Wisconsin author.  ...
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