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How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories

Prince Cardan's Childhood Author: Holly Black In the in-between land while fans processed the conclusion of The Queen of Nothing and prepared for The Stolen Air and Oak’s supposed rise to the throne, this little illustrated fairytale came along. Here, we shift the focus away from Jude’s complicated rise to power and love him/hate him lust for Cardan to concentrate on the flawed faerie prince himself. Told from his prospective, this slim tome highlights key moments in Cardan’s life and his liminal status, stuck between coldly evil price and something softer, something more sympathetic that survived the courts and his elder [...]

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Queen of Nothing, The

Of Snakes, and Exiles, and Queens Author: Holly Black The rise to power often results in a devastating fall. No one knows this better than Jude Duarte. She is back, exiled in the mortal world, a queen in name only. Her secret marriage to Cardan – and everything it was going to ensure – is now more than useless. It’s a cruel joke. The final parry in a game played for keeps. And Cardan won. Jude’s depression won’t keep the wolf from the door, however, and her stint in the world of faerie with The Shadow Court, an amalgamation of assassins [...]

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Wicked King, The

A Year and a Day Author: Holly Black A year and a day. It seems like such a long time, but it’s already half over and Jude has more problems than solutions. As the clever, violent mortal girl stolen into Faerie, she has clawed her way up, she has schemed and lied, she has betrayed, and now the King of Faerie, her old enemy Cardan, is at her beck and call. But only for a little while longer. And the true heir to the throne, the one Jude is fighting for, is still a child, still not ready. How can Jude [...]

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