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Episode 13

Ghost Hunters and Flower Power Author: Craig DiLouie Fade to Black is a popular ghost hunter show that is starting to lose its ratings and uniqueness. They need something big to revitalize the show and ensure a second season. Enter the Paranormal Research Foundation, a derelict old mansion slotted to be torn down that was the center of unethical paranormal research in the 1970s. The TV crew is led by a husband-and-wife team: Matt and Claire Kirklin. Matt has always been fascinated and optimistic about the paranormal, having had a run-in with a friendly ghost as a child. Claire, however, is [...]

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Dead Lake

The Dead Do Not Rest Here Author: Darcy Coates Sam is grieving for her mother. She wasn’t paying attention. She missed all the signs. She was focused on her art, her big break at a prestigious gallery, her first show. She was focused and planning. And now, now she is alone.  Her mother is gone, and the show is in a week. She doesn’t have any paintings, any ideas, just a sense of guilt, a distaste for something that once consumed her, and the needling feeling that she should try anyway, that she cannot throw away this once-in-a-lifetime chance. And so, [...]

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The Ghost and Mrs. McClure

Spooky Sleuths & Haunted Mystery Author: Alice Kimberly The recently widowed Penelope Thornton-McClure has decided to do what she never could when her husband was alive: run from his opulent and controlling family and start her own life. It’s certainly not easy, nor are her complicated feelings about widowhood. Now that she is in the tiny town of Proofrock, living out her dream of running a bookstore with her Aunt Sadie, she thinks perhaps with time and patience, this new life will help her heal wounds and move on. That is . . . until a famous novelist comes to her [...]

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