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Dirty Money: The Memoirs of a Stripper

A Woman's Story Author: Erin Louis Dirty Money: Memoirs of a Stripper sounds like a salacious read, but in truth, it’s more of a life story than a sex filled, dingy club romp. Erin comes forward with her story for a purpose: to disprove the stereotype that all strippers are maladjusted, drug addled, and used by the men whom they entertain. It’s not entirely successful, since Erin constantly refers to herself as the exception and talks of distrusting and disliking other strippers due to their behavior, drug dependencies, and lifestyle. But let’s take a step back for the moment. I came [...]

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Fortune Teller’s Prophecy, The

From Chaos to Calling Author: Lally Pia As a child, a Sri Lankan priest foretold that Lally would be “a doctor of doctors.” The prophecy was a troublesome one, half burden and half embarrassment. Add to this the stress of being the oldest child, the one with the dubious honor of being the first to set an example, to make something of herself, to follow the rules of culture and the rules for a woman. From the beginning of The Fortune Teller’s Prophecy, Lally’s path hardly seemed star studded. If anything, her destiny appeared to be one of frustration and bad [...]

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Pale-Faced Lie, The

True Crime Meets Coming of Age Author: David Crow David Crow grew up learning to torture his mother and take constant revenge so that his father, Thurston Crow, would love him. These were the only times he received praise from his ex-con father, the only time he was made to feel part of the family, feel like he was worth something. Growing up in a Navajo Indian Reservation, raised by a violent father and a mentally ill mother, David and his siblings lived in a wild, fluctuating space of psychotic violence interspersed with occasional rays of friendliness from passing people. In [...]

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