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Cure for the Common Life

A Guide to Finding and Applying Your God-Given Gifts Author: Max Lucado In Cure for the Common Life author Max Lucado makes a convincing argument that God has given us each something to do that calls to our unique strengths and desires. This work, contrary to popular belief, is not onerous, but joyful: a moment in life where our strengths and God’s glory all converge into one sweet spot. This sweet spot, working perfectly in our purpose, finding our calling as it were, may be revealed through a peppering of little moments, a grand calling, or a quiet life doing labor [...]

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Fortune Teller’s Prophecy, The

From Chaos to Calling Author: Lally Pia As a child, a Sri Lankan priest foretold that Lally would be “a doctor of doctors.” The prophecy was a troublesome one, half burden and half embarrassment. Add to this the stress of being the oldest child, the one with the dubious honor of being the first to set an example, to make something of herself, to follow the rules of culture and the rules for a woman. From the beginning of The Fortune Teller’s Prophecy, Lally’s path hardly seemed star studded. If anything, her destiny appeared to be one of frustration and bad [...]

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