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Black Tide

It’s The End of the World as We Know It Author: KC Jones Beth is a car wreck of a person: all broken parts, sputtering starts, and failed journeys. Her mother is the one who came up with the analogy, and Beth knows that it fits; she is haunted by her failures, the broken friendships, the failed jobs, the lost opportunities, the hopelessness of it all. While house sitting for a rich family at a fancy beach town, she does it again. She reaches out to connect when she shouldn’t and finds herself drunk on champagne, in bed with the solitary [...]

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2014’s Top Apocalypse Fiction

2014 has been a banner year for fictional apocalypses. Before you dismiss it as a herd of dystopian YA romances, take note: this year’s offerings include literary fiction, time-traveling fantasy, and blood-soaked horror. These authors use apocalyptic disasters as metaphors for everything from class war to what it means (biologically and spiritually) to be human. If you love a good end-of-the-world adventure, take a look at the biggest apocalypse titles of 2014. California You’ve probably heard of California because of the now-famous “Stephen Colbert bump.” Author Sherman Alexie named Edan Lepucki as an example of a writer who was being [...]

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Book Trailer: The Eternity Cure

Vampires! I think we can all agree that they’re drastically underrepresented in young-adult fiction, right? Well, never fear, New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa has come to our rescue with a vampy dystopian trilogy, the Blood of Eden series. Book 1, The Immortal Rules, came out in 2012, and Book 2, The Eternity Cure, will be out on April 30. Until then, we can take a peek at the book trailer for a hint about what to expect. (New to book trailers? See our book trailer guide.) In this trailer, captions fly over some pleasingly spooky digital animation, giving [...]

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