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Murder on the Mountain Author: Amy McCulloch Cecily Wong is a journalist famous for failure, and this is her last chance at redemption. Her ex-boyfriend, also a journalist, was always seeking the greatest thrill. The biggest mountain, the hardest challenge. He is the one who told her about the famous mountaineer, Charles McVeigh, who is climbing eight mountains over eight thousand feet each without supplemental oxygen, without the help of ropes, all in one year. Charles is about to finish his own self-imposed challenge on the last, easiest mountain: Manaslu. Even beginners can tackle this mountain. Now, Cecily is on that [...]

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Beneath the Surface

Family Feuds Author: Kaira Rouda CEO Richard Kingsley has everything – wealth, power, women, billion-dollar mega-yachts, and dominion over everyone he meets, especially his family. But it’s nearly time for him to retire, to pass his empire onward. His greedy children are milling around, waiting for the chance to cash out on years of kowtowing. But Kingsley has something else in mind – one last feral game disguised as a family reunion on the open seas aboard his decadent new yacht. As the waves begin to rock the ship, life becomes unmoored for each of the children. Expectations are raised and [...]

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