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Fall of the House of Usher

Usher’s Passing

Fall of the House of Usher - A Failed Retelling Author: Robert R. McCammon Usher's Passing is a dumb book, with a slightly interesting ending. It starts with famed horror author Rix Usher, who suffers from a mysterious malady and secretly wants to expose his family’s empire, Usher Armaments, through a tell-all book. Rix had left Usherland and the horrible influence of his father, but he has finally returned as the strange Usher disease is taking his father. Now he must deal with his fashion model sister and his belligerent brother, both of whom hope to inherit the estate and use [...]

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What Moves the Dead

Something Devastating at Usherland Author: T. Kingfisher Something strange is happening in the countryside of Ruritania. The stagnate lake glows at night; strange, fetid mushrooms, seen nowhere else, dot the landscape; the hares drag themselves at an abnormal, disjointed gate and stare through your soul; and Madeline Usher is dying, strange white filaments growing and waving from her skin. Childhood friend Alex Easton, a retired soldier from the land of Galatia, has been called to Madeline’s sickbed. Alex doesn’t know what to expect, and hardly understands the weird sites, nighttime wanderings, and sickly animals that surround the decaying Usherland. Roderick [...]

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