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Dead in the Dirt

Amanda vs Gangsters Author: Connie Feddersen When Amanda Hazard goes for a visit to her client, Wilbur Bloom, she’s surprised to discover him dead in the dirt. Amanda’s even more surprised when she goes into his crumbling house to call the police and beyond the first two destitute rooms locates a treasure trove of high-tech equipment and good living. Something is definitely off, from the murder to Will’s falsified taxes, and Amanda has a sneaking suspicion that she’s the only one who can trace Will’s delinquency all the way back to his at-large killer. Nick Thorn, Amanda’s sometimes love interest and [...]

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Banned Books Week 2017: Black Lives Matter

Banned Books Week 2017 is September 24-30. While books get banned for any number of reasons, it seems especially relevant for us to focus on black authors this year. It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago, our first African-American president was still in office. We live in a new reality now, where it’s more important than ever to stand up for free speech, embrace diversity, and resist hatred and bigotry. So, for Banned Books Week 2017, here are just a few award-winning modern classics that reflect African-American voices. You can find many more banned books with diverse [...]

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Celebrate Banned Books Week 2016 with Transgender Books

Banned Books Week 2016 is Sept. 25 through Oct. 1, 2016. Surprisingly, many of 2015’s most frequently challenged books aren’t particularly new — Looking for Alaska (2006), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (2004), and Fun Home (2007) are all around a decade old, and the Bible has been around for a few years too. One theme seems to be books on transgender issues. Two of the more recent titles on the 2015 list are books for children and young adults about what it means to be transgender — although they’re helpful for readers of any age who [...]

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