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Craft-a-Day: 365 Simple Handmade Projects

Crammed with Crafts Author: Sarah Goldschadt At first glance, a craft-a-day book sounded awfully ambitious. Sometimes one craft per year is all that I manage to accomplish (unless two half-finished crafts count as one complete one, in which case I have dozens). But this how-to guide offers 365 quick, easy projects that use items you already own and don’t require buying lots of new supplies and tools — which, as any crafter knows, can get expensive fast. Does Craft-a-Day deliver on its promise? Yes… and no. The good: True to its word, many of the crafts in this book use [...]

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Your New Favorite Crafts

I’d like to say that I enjoy crafts, but what I really mean is that I enjoy buying craft supplies. At a moment’s notice, I could currently weave you a basket; forge a pair of chain-maille earrings; squish together a realistically colored clay fox figurine; coat your shoes in rainbow glitter glue; bling out your sunglasses with rhinestones; knit you an assortment of hats; or colorize a paint-by-numbers portrait of Pope John Paul II. And that’s just the projects I can remember. I’ve been forced to pull the Stern Parent routine on myself and refuse to let myself [...]

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