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Wedding Planning Guides for DIY Brides

Want a wedding that truly reflects you and your spouse-to-be’s personalities? It doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars — especially if you save money by doing it the homemade, DIY way. Everything from save-the-date cards to the wedding favors guests take as they leave can be done by hand, if you want to put in the time (and if you don’t want to spend dozens of hours etching souvenir wine glasses, that’s totally understandable!). These helpful guides not only give you style inspiration and project ideas, they break down the cost in time and money to help [...]

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Your New Favorite Crafts

I’d like to say that I enjoy crafts, but what I really mean is that I enjoy buying craft supplies. At a moment’s notice, I could currently weave you a basket; forge a pair of chain-maille earrings; squish together a realistically colored clay fox figurine; coat your shoes in rainbow glitter glue; bling out your sunglasses with rhinestones; knit you an assortment of hats; or colorize a paint-by-numbers portrait of Pope John Paul II. And that’s just the projects I can remember. I’ve been forced to pull the Stern Parent routine on myself and refuse to let myself [...]

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