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Stephanie Perry photoStephanie Perry is a Seattle-based writer, editor, and blogger. A Black Badge (10-year) Elite Yelper and AFAR.com Local Expert, she is happy to talk your ear off about the best places to visit in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Her secret shame is dystopian YA fiction, but she does have a genuine English degree and can sometimes be found reading actual literary fiction for grownups. Stephanie’s current favorite subjects to read about include medieval and Elizabethan history, novelty taxidermy, North Korea, time travel, and gems and jewelry (or, ideally, some combination of those).

You can find Stephanie wherever the books and food are. If you invite her to a party, she promises not to judge you based on your bookshelf.

You can see Stephanie’s online portfolio or contact her for freelance writing or editing work.

Stephanie’s Reviews

Image of Crooked Letter

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

Author: Tom Franklin It’s sad but true that nearly all the books I read don’t live up to their hype, ...
Image for Demi-Monde Winter

Demi-Monde, The: Winter (The Demi-Monde Saga)

Author: Rod Rees I’ve been reading a lot of book-1-in-a-forthcoming-series titles lately, and I have to tell you, it’s really ...
Image of detective

Murder Most Silly: 8 Cozy Mysteries with Ridiculous Titles

Not being an avid mystery reader myself, I just recently learned about the “cozy mystery” sub-genre. But now that I’ve ...
stone of kings book cover

Stone of Kings: In Search of the Lost Jade of the Maya

Made in the Jade Author: Gerard Helferich Jade has come a long way (mostly down) from the ancient Asian and ...
Image of Love Times Three

Love Times Three: Our True Story of a Polygamous Marriage

Authors: Joe Darger, Alina Darger, Vicki Darger, Valerie Darger, and Brooke Adams  Like many people, my entire knowledge of polygamy ...
Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Author: Laini Taylor Maybe I’ve been reading too many young-adult novels lately, but I’m starting to get Teen Fantasy Title ...
Ruby Red

Ruby Red

A Jewel of a Book Author: Kerstin Gier and Anthea Bell (translator) Although I make no excuses for reading — ...
How to Throw a Book Swap Party

How to Throw a Book Swap Party

Why Do a Book Swap? Take a good, hard look at your bookshelves. The dusty coffee table books that people got ...
Fool's Errand

Fool’s Errand

A Fool for Love Author: Robin Hobb It seems it is my fate to forever humiliate myself on the bus ...


ReadThis.txt Neal Stephenson (William Morrow, 2011, 1056 pp. hardcover, $35) Spoiler Alert: This review includes some minor spoilers, because there ...
Notes on a Book Sale

Notes on a Book Sale

I am a big fan of the Seattle Public Library; they have an incredible selection of books, e-books, CDs, DVDs, ...
Beyond Books: 7 Services You May Not Know Your Library Offers

Beyond Books: 7 Services You May Not Know Your Library Offers

Sure, everyone knows you can borrow books from a library; that’s pretty much the textbook definition (ahaha). But you may ...
Home Dairy with Ashley English

Your New Favorite Crafts

I’d like to say that I enjoy crafts, but what I really mean is that I enjoy buying craft supplies ...
I Give Up

I Give Up

Why it’s perfectly acceptable to throw that book across the room. I read a lot of books (although not on ...

Why I (Still) Don’t Have a Kindle

Update: Reader, I purchased one! Read all about my still-going-strong love affair with my Kindle Touch. For the last several ...