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Lies She Told

Through a Novel Darkly . . . Author: Cate Holahan Distraught both by her unraveling personal life and her nearly dead career, Liza Cole is making a last ditch attempt under a tight deadline to write a thriller that will revamp her career and hopefully help her exercise some marital demons along the way. When truth becomes stranger than fiction though, Liza’s story starts to intersect too much with her life and the sinister missing person status of her husband’s obviously more-than-best-friend. Now Liza must unravel her malevolent fictional character’s story to find, and protect, her own. Classic obscurest twists [...]

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Saints for All Occasions

The Secret Lives of Families Author: J. Courtney Sullivan J. Courtney Sullivan, known for her contemporary family dramas, explores the passage of time and social mores as two young Irish girls are jettisoned from their homeland to America – a place where their biggest opportunities and freedoms can only be constrained by the unspoken yet ardent code of acceptable behavior. Twenty-one year old Nora is keenly aware that as the oldest she is expected to be the guardian of her starry-eyed, semi-wild sister. Nora, who is leaving the land and home she loves and the only best friend she will [...]

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Recovering, The

Words and wine... Author:  Leslie Jamison Ethanol.  It’s one of the simplest organic molecules, but its innocent appearance hides the fact that just a bit of it dissolved in the human blood stream can have profound consequences.  Since the dawn of civilization, people have struggled against its seductive powers, often failing to control it. Leslie Jamison is one who has struggled more than most, building a fragile world with alcohol at its center.  She tells her story with unique tenacity and unrelenting honesty in The Recovering. The book gets off to a tough start.  Having enjoyed her previous collection of [...]

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