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Daredevil Volume 4

Drifting on the Wings of Madness Author: Mark Waid Illustrators: Chris Samnee and Mile Allred Following Daredevil’s life-threatening adventure in Latvia, Dr. Doom’s sensory depriving nanobots are still creating havoc in Matt Murdock’s brain. With a short amount of time and the help of Hank Pym, Doctor Strange, and Tony Stark using science, shrinking, and superpowers the nanobots are defeated and Matt’s senses return. Matt is cured  . . . or is he? As events begin to unwind Matt’s long-time friend and fellow lawyer, Foggy, realizes that the normally depressed Matt is oddly cheerful – too cheerful. That’s when he [...]

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Night of the Living Dead

“They’re Coming to Get You Barbara!”  Author: John A. Russo Night of the Living Dead, at first a collaborative movie effort between George A. Romero and John Russo, defines zombies as we now known them: predatory, cannibalistic, mysteriously animated, roving in hordes, and prone to spreading their unique bondage to death through bites. Many of us grew up with the black and white film from 1968 and learned to both fear and love the phrase, “they’re coming to get you Barbara.” Subsequent zombie entertainment culture has run with the transformation of zombies from the rare, mindless, mostly harmless creatures resurrected [...]

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Say Goodbye, as We Dance with the Devil Tonight Author: Vince Churchill God and the devil have a wager, and fourteen strangers, ranging from the seemingly ordinary to the vindictively insane, will determine the outcome. These people and their final gory gameshow-like confrontations with each other and the realm of obscene, devil conjured tests will determine whether good or evil rules in the end; the very existence of Heaven and Hell is in the balance. It’s Job all over again but this time, the outcome isn’t so certain. Once again, however, the contestants on both sides are hardly picked willingly. [...]

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