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Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge

Christmas Killings Author: Laura Levine ‘Tis the season for frozen chocolate Yule logs and murder! Our lovable freelance writer with the tie to Toiletmasters is back and ready to spend a ritzy Christmas housesitting in opulent Bel Air with her best friend and neighbor, the inimitably fashionable, kale drinking, Christmas crafting Lance. There is only one fly in the Christmas pudding . . .or maybe two . . . or. . . a small infestation. The main problem is former child actor and next door Scrooge, also known as Scotty Parker, who spends his pinch penny days tormenting neighborhood children, [...]

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Dinosaur Artist, The

Digging in the dirt... Author:  Paige Williams There’s definitely a heroic quality to whole thing.  Like Indiana Jones or his real-life equivalent Roy Chapman Andrews.  Scouring the globe, searching for dinosaurs and excavating their fossilized bones.  Then bringing the monstrous creatures back to life by reassembling them for display in famous museums, thrilling the throngs of visitors.  There are thousands of individuals who’ve caught the fossil fever, amateur scientists devoting much of their life searching for the next big discovery.  Floridian Eric Prokopi is one of those people and journalist Paige Williams tells his uniquely intriguing story in The Dinosaur [...]

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Two-Family House, the

Where Do We Go From Here Author: Lynda Cohen Loigman Two-Family House is a novel of everyday desire: the desire to please, the sense of duty to family, the hope for loving children, the longing for fulfilling marriages, the slow-burn of long friendships, and all the daily enmities, from the unforgettable to the minute, that get in the way. Brothers Abe and Mort are entirely different, yet together they continue to run the family box business. Abe is lovable, happy with his place in life, content with his already large collection of children, and above all, effusive and easy in [...]

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