TwinsVirginsA Short Story of Losing Virginity

Author: Vonnick de Rosmadec

Twins and Virgins is a short, erotic story about two eighteen year old twin girls who seek out the Chateau des Plaisirs to lose their virginity to willing men. Chateau des Plaisirs is a mansion devoted to the sexual pleasures of its customers, similar in a way to the atmosphere of The Story of O but far less disturbing and with a consensual air. The girls, Audrey and Victoria, identical twins, have always done everything together, and this is no exception.

The story starts as it means to go on, introducing the nearly naked mistress of the place who takes a liking to the girls herself but is thwarted for their desire to find the perfect men, which they do – two handsome males who also happen to be twins. The anticipation builds as the girls watch their partners play Tennis and shower, sealing the deal and picking out a room for their, um, deflowering ceremony.

The story starts slowly, and despite the ridiculous dialogue of the over eager girls who comically address their desires with the crudest and most unlikely terms, the aura is erotic and anticipatory, slowly building to the climax. The girls ogle their initial mates, who promise pleasures in the extreme. However, the actual foreplay is a little bizarre (mostly rimming) and despite the orgy like atmosphere, it’s hard to believe that the descriptions are actually occurring, perhaps because of the nature of the twins themselves, who like to share everything a little too much and don’t seem to have any awkwardness or nervousness, which one would expect. The actual act, which is built up to quite a lot, ends abruptly and if the girls climax, it certainly isn’t mentioned. They are apparently now made “women” and grateful for the rushed experience, leaving readers a little disappointed since there was so much buildup and the tale had promise: no disturbing elements, just enough teasing to build the eroticism of the setting and promised events, and (despite the dialogue clunkers every now and again), fairly apt writing for the erotica genre. I received the story free through Netgalley and enjoyed reading it. It’s certainly a quick escapade and still gets readers somewhat in the mood, although it doesn’t completely satisfy.


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