So you’ve perused our Summer 2016 book preview and picked your perfect summer book. But that leaves your other hand empty, when it could be holding some delicious summer cocktails! Let’s fix that right away, shall we? No matter what you’re reading, we’ve got summer cocktails just for you.

We Could Be BeautifulIf you’re reading… We Could Be Beautiful
You should be drinking… A Sea Breeze
This marital thriller features lots of skinny, privileged trust-fund women shopping their way around Manhattan and fighting existential angst. The characters drink cosmos for their summer cocktails, but since it’s not 2001 and this isn’t “Sex and the City,” try the tart and tangy Sea Breeze instead: vodka, cranberry, and grapefruit juice with a twist of lime.






StilettoIf you’re reading… Stiletto
You should be drinking… A Vesper
We are very, very excited for this follow-up to the witty, supernatural urban fantasy Rook! Magical secret agent Myfanwy Thomas is basically a paranormal female James Bond, so we think she deserves a Vesper: strong, bright, and acidic, just like her.







The Woman in Cabin 10If you’re reading… The Woman in Cabin 10
You should be drinking… A Dark and Stormy
Get it? Because it’s… dark… and stormy? Seriously, though, this cool drink will send chills down your spine while you read about a travel journalist trapped on a cruise ship, where no one will believe her story about seeing a woman’s body thrown overboard. We like them with Gosling’s dark rum and spicy ginger beer.






Truly Madly GuiltyIf you’re reading… Truly Madly Guilty
You should be drinking… An Aperol Spritz
Australian author Liane Moriarty’s latest family drama is full of twists and complicated relationships. More importantly, it’s set during a fateful family BBQ, and what better backyard drink than a sparkly, fruity Aperol Spritz? Perfect for a lazy weekend read on the patio… or for getting through a tense family gathering.






Dark Matter by Blake CrouchIf you’re reading… Dark Matter
You should be drinking… An Old-Fashioned
This is the type of mind-bending sci-fi thriller where characters always seem to be plopping down on barstools, having had the worst day of their lives, and demanding whisky or scotch from the bartender. But why not add in some bitters and club soda while you’re at it? Just because you’re on the run through the multiverse doesn’t mean you can’t spare a few minutes for a finely crafted cocktail.






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