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Book Trailer Review: The Selection

Today we’re looking at the book trailer for Kiera Cass’s The Selection, the first in a forthcoming trilogy. Don't know what a book trailer is? Check out our guide. Holy budget-busters! This lovely live-action trailer is a big step up from the last trailer we reviewed, Carnival of Souls. An ornate ballroom, luxurious gowns, and even a glittering tiara make this one of the most eye-catching (and girly) previews we’ve seen. We start with a shot of a line-up of pretty young women in fancy frocks of every color, primping anxiously in the center of a brightly lit (for TV [...]

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Selection, The

The Hunger Game Show Author: Kiera Cass How is getting married like a gladiatorial fight to the death? If you’ve been through a wedding or two, you may have your own thoughts on the matter, but for the purposes of this review, the answer is Kiera Cass’s The Selection, the first book in the Selection Trilogy. And if you picked up this book based on the clever, yet undeniably girly, book trailer or because of the cover art of a beautiful girl in a ballgown preening in front of a bunch of mirrors, there may be a little more darkness [...]

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