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Loved This, Try That: Gone Girl

Dark Thrillers for Scary Reading We’re guessing you’ve heard of a little book called Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn’s twisted, multi-layered psychological thriller about a charming young couple whose seemingly perfect marriage is a snakepit of deception, cat-and-mouse scheming, and homicidal revenge (read our full review and vote for your dream movie cast). Ready for more chills? Take a look at these creepy, extra-dark thrillers we loved — but don’t blame us if you have to sleep with the lights on afterward. Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn Well, why not start at the most logical place: Flynn’s equally dark first novel, Sharp [...]

Sharp Objects

On the Cutting Edge Author: Gillian Flynn Sharp Objects Cover You can’t go home again, right?  Or maybe you just don’t want to.  Camille Preaker falls into that second category.  Unfortunately for her, the murder of one little girl and the disappearance of another have her Chicago newspaper editor boss sending her back to Wind Gap, Missouri.  Camille escaped years ago and is about to discover, much to her dismay, that in some towns very little changes with the passage of time.  Sharp Objects tells the story of Camille’s return to the home in which she was raised [...]

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