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These Books About Dragons Are a Roaring Good Time

Dragons, they’re just like us! Well, not quite — they’re giant fire-breathing reptiles with wings and claws, after all. But plenty of fantasy authors have imagined what societies of intelligent dragons would be like... and how they might clash with human civilization. Here are a few of our favorite fantasy novels and series with dragon characters that outshine the humans. Dragon Keeper (Rain Wilds Chronicles, Vol. 1) Author: Robin Hobb All of Robin Hobb’s fantasy novels are great (and many of the series are set in the same world with shared characters), but since we’re talking dragons, let’s focus on [...]

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Game of Thrones Jr. Author: Rachel Hartman I was already rooting for Seraphina, Rachel Hartman’s debut fantasy YA novel, before I even started reading, thanks to a couple of very important factors: 1.    An endearingly low-budget book trailer featuring lots of swirling gowns, castle walls, and Significant Glowering. 2.    Unlike seemingly 99% of young adult fiction being published now, it’s a single volume rather than a bloated, money-grubbing trilogy! It turns out that all the praise you’ve been hearing for this complex, original fantasy tale about a world of dragon/human cohabitation and politically charged royal scheming is richly deserved. I [...]

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