Little Free Library in Seattle's Madrona neighborhood.A few days ago, I happened to find myself in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood (okay, okay, I was there to get a free ice cream cone from Molly Moon’s because I voted), and while I was walking around and eating my cone, I made an unexpected discovery: this adorable little free library, built and painted to look like a miniature version of the colorful Victorian house it sits in front of!

Even though my to-read stack is dangerously high right now, I couldn’t resist taking a peek to see what was on the shelves. I was tempted by a vintage copy of The Black Stallion and Satan, which has a pretty kickass name, but I knew it would just languish at the bottom of my book pile, so I had to force myself to leave it there (in case anyone wants to go and grab it).

Still, it was my first on-foot discovery of a Little Free Library in the wild, and a darned cute one at that. I’ll definitely be back to see what’s new and maybe contribute a book or two of my own!

Have you found a Little Free Library in your neighborhood? Tell us about it in the comments.

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