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Best Nonfiction of 2015

It’s always hard to narrow down the best books from a given year, but we took a look back at the best nonfiction of 2015 and picked our favorites. This year’s selection includes science, memoirs, fashion, and history. If you love nonfiction as much as we do, you’re sure to find some great picks here to take you into 2016. What are your picks for the best nonfiction of 2015? Tell us in the comments! Between the World and Me Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown can no longer speak for themselves, but Ta-Nehisi Coates can. [...]

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3 Tasty Cookbooks for Fall Baking

There’s no book so good that it can’t be improved with a hot beverage and a freshly baked treat! I’m delighted when the weather cools off and my baking sheets come out — that means it’s time for months of cakes, pies, scones, cookies, and breads. Whether you’re a beginning baker who’s just getting started or an experienced cook who’s looking for new recipes to try, these cookbooks should keep you busy with a season’s worth of goodies. If you’re extra-organized, you can even get started on holiday baking and freeze extra batches; I promise to be deeply impressed and [...]

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YA Trilogy Thrills: Girl of Fire and Thorns

Isn’t it wonderful when you stumble upon a really exciting book and realize the entire series is already complete, so you can devour them all as fast as you can read, without the painful months of waiting for each new installment? That’s what I’ve been doing with the Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy, by Rae Carson, which wrapped up in 2013. Because they really are one story in three volumes, I’ve chosen to review them all together here, so if you haven’t finished (or started) this magical, girl-empowering fantasy trilogy yet, stay vigilant for possible spoilers! The Girl of [...]

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