teacupYou guys, I CANNOT BELIEVE this weather! It’s the first week of May and I’m staring out a rain-speckled window at the torrential, all-day downpour that is very much raining on my parade. I’m supposed to go out tonight, but instead of putting on a raincoat and dragging around a soggy umbrella and ruining my hair, do you know what I really want to do?

I want to have a readover!

A readover is a slumber party for nerds that I just made up. But instead of playing Mystery Date and freezing each others’ bras, we’ll put on our coziest pajamas,¬†brew pot after pot of tea in my barfing-camel teapot, and pass around plates of cookies and tiny sandwiches… while we read in (mostly)¬†silence. Oh, you can pipe up to share a favorite quote or ask someone to pass the vodka, but for the most part, all you’d hear would be the turning of pages (tapping of e-readers) and the occasional sniffle from anyone reading a very sad part.

I just need a few supplies to make this magical dream a weekend reality:

  • Six to eight oversized bean bags
  • Or maybe four-ish complete sets of bedding and comforters to make a giant living-room nest
  • A handful of cats (borrow from neighbors?)
  • One trip to Goodwill for some quaintly mismatched teacups and saucers
  • CAKE

The more I think about it, the better I like this plan. I mean, it’s how I usually spend my evenings anyway, but this way I can be social without having to talk! It’s an introvert’s dream come true. If Seattle refuses to give me any sunny spring weather, then by gum, I’m going to party on my own terms. Quietly. Indoors.

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