Rainbow of colored pencilsYou may have noticed that we’re pretty excited about coloring books — see our favorite grownup coloring books, more favorite coloring books, and top fashion coloring books for proof. So it finally occurred to us to gather some friends together and throw a coloring book party! After all, who wouldn’t enjoy some mental relaxation at the end of a long week? (Not to mention rainbow-colored snacks.)

Here’s how to put together a coloring book party with your friends!

What You’ll Need for a Coloring Book Party

That’s all you really need to throw a coloring book party! Of course, you’ll probably want to serve refreshments, and we have some ideas for rainbow-themed food and drinks next.

A rainbow of snacks at a coloring book party

Food, Drinks and Decorations

Rainbow striped cupcakes

What to Do

The great thing about an activity party is that the guests entertain themselves! That means no schedules, no party games, and no pressure on you. Guests can plop down and color, wander off to grab a snack, or roam around and check out other people’s artwork.

Take pictures of everyone’s masterpieces and share them later in an online album — it’s easy to get so focused on your own coloring that you don’t see what others are working on! Encourage guests to take home their finished pages and show them off.

A coloring party is perfect for all ages, but if you’re inviting kids, make sure to have age-appropriate coloring books (the new ones intended for grownups can be very detailed and challenging). Offer kid-friendly drinks like juice in different colors, so you don’t risk an epic tantrum when you’re trying to explain why they can’t have the Skittles vodka.

Coloring book pages

Prizes and Party Favors

You don’t have to have party favors, of course — the goal of a coloring party is simply to get together, relax, and have fun. But if you’d like to send your guests home with a little something, or if your coloring party includes kids, here are a few ideas.

Don’t worry too much about planning every little detail — a coloring book party is supposed to be a relaxing, low-key gathering, so you can keep it casual. Got any colorful party tips for us? Share them below!

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