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7 Summer Craft Books for Girls and Guys

It's a DIY Summer These ladies know what I'm talking about. “Crafts? I don’t have time for crafting this summer!” I can already hear you say. “Too many weddings, road trips, camping weekends, BBQs on the beach, and picnics in the park. Who wants to sit around knitting tea cozies out of cat hair when it’s nice out, anyway?” Well, first of all, me, because I hate the outdoors. But, more importantly, YOU, because many of these projects are simple and portable enough to take with you on your summer adventures! Check out these brand-new DIY guides for [...]

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Summer 2014 Reading List

Who says summer reading has to be chick lit and magazines? Here’s the fiction and nonfiction we’re most excited about reading this summer — everything from foodie memoirs to a short-story fantasy anthology edited by George R.R. Martin (including a new Game of Thrones story!). They’re organized by publication date, so mark your calendars and try not to get sunscreen on the pages. Tease (available now) Author: Amanda Maciel As school bullying continues to be a nationally discussed hot topic, Amanda Maciel’s debut novel, Tease, explores the issue from a different perspective — the bully’s. High school junior Emma Putnam [...]

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Reading List: Schools of Magic

Beyond Hogwarts I don’t know about you, but I was pretty sure as a kid that I had some latent but definitely mighty magical power, and as soon as it manifested — which would be any minute now — some enchanted creature would be whisking me off to Magic School, or maybe on an urgent quest to Save the World. That never really worked out (I should have realized that my ordinary name alone instantly disqualified me), but if this selection of books about magical schools is anything to judge by, I’m hardly alone in this particular fantasy. (Needless to [...]

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