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Modern Retellings of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre Retellings? Reader, We Reviewed Them There’s nothing quite like Jane Eyre, that classic gothic romance about a young Victorian woman torn between passionate love and her spiritual integrity. Or, well, maybe there is, actually. These modern retellings of Jane Eyre have settings ranging from 1950s Britain to a steampunk alternate universe powered by fairy technology. Will one of these adaptations win your heart? An American Heir: A Modern Retelling of Jane Eyre Author: Chrissy Breen Keffer One problem with moving a classic story two centuries into the future is making the plot adapt to a drastically different society. [...]

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The Literary Manicure

It’s only a little bit embarrassing to admit that the highlight of our week is the official launch of the Hunger Games nail polish line, Capitol Colours, from China Glaze. All 12 of the colors are quite striking, and the majority are subtle earth-tones that tie in cleverly with their respective districts. But a few of them really turn up the glittery glamour, as you might expect from shades representing the flashier districts. While admiring our new coat of “Riveting,” a flaming orange with gold metallic undertones that represents District 3 (Technology), we couldn’t help thinking that there really should [...]

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