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Little Free Library

Little Free Library Series – Wait Till Next Year

Solitude and Cold Toes... Reading a book and riding a bike are my two favorite ways to find some solitude.  And it’s hard to be more alone than on a snow covered bike trail on a cold, windy Sunday morning in December.  After double checking my Little Free Library map, adjusting my various layers of winter wear and noting a temperature of 12°F, I headed out for a new LFL adventure. In the predawn darkness, it was just me and a few hardy cottontail rabbits scurrying out of the way as I concocted a roundabout route to the suburbs while [...]

2016-12-31T17:58:50-07:00December 17th, 2013|

Little Free Library Series – The Perfect Storm

Walnuts and Wooly Bears... A beautiful Wisconsin fall morning.  Purple and white asters blooming in the fields.  Wooly bear caterpillars searching for a winter hiding place.  Grasshoppers realizing their days are numbered.  Coots huddling in the bay.  Sumac turning red.  If it weren’t for the prodigious number of big fat walnuts cluttering up the bike trails, it would be the perfect day for a ride.   Regardless of the season, it’s always a good day to visit a Little Free Library. Opting for a more random approach today, improvising a route as I pedaled, I checked a couple libraries before I [...]

2016-12-31T17:58:52-07:00October 17th, 2013|

Little Free Library Series – Science and Religion

River Road Trip... The Little Free Library in Merrimac, Wisconsin. A beautiful summer morning beckoned and one particularly challenging Little Free Library had been calling my name, so I set out a few Sundays ago for my most demanding library adventure yet.  Kitted out in my usual cycling gear along with a newly designated book tote bag, I left town heading north with a generous wind at my back.  After a couple of hours of pedaling through the beautiful rolling countryside – sighting numerous sandhill cranes, turkey vultures and aggressive red-wing blackbirds – I arrived in the small [...]

2016-12-31T17:58:57-07:00July 18th, 2013|