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Little Free Library

Little Free Library Series – A Killer in Nazi Berlin

Covert Library Ops... The notice came in from one of my strategically placed scouts on the west side of town.  There was a tempting book in the Little Free Library on the walking trail along the drainage ditch that runs behind the big church.  Despite scant details, it sounded like a promising tip, but who knew how long it would be before some other fan of historical true crime sagas might snag it.  As I planned my strategy, the knot of nerves in my stomach gradually drew tighter.  The weather forecast was stormy, but my opportunities were few, so as [...]

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Little Free Library Series — Coop

 Cows, cranes and chicken books... There are well over four thousand Little Free Libraries worldwide – new ones still keep popping up all over my neck of the woods – and a brief glance at the LFL map is likely to reveal at least one library near almost everyone.  But I often enjoy going a little further afield, using a trip to the library to explore a place I’ve never been before.  So on a recent warm and humid summer morning I loaded up with snacks, hopped on the bike and headed off to Brooklyn.  Not the famous Brooklyn with [...]

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Little Free Library Series — House of Sand and Fog

Don't try this at home... Ready for battle? The populace was in panic mode.  All the schools were closed and a nasty blast of polar air was engulfing the entire Midwest.  A perfect day for a visit to a Little Free Library – open day and night every day of the year no matter what the weather.  With a predawn temperature of 17°F below zero – add wind gusts of 20mph to make for a -39°F wind chill – I piled on all the layers I could find, grabbed my reluctant camera and headed out. The ice and [...]

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