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How to Throw a Book Swap Party

Why Do a Book Swap? Take a good, hard look at your bookshelves. The dusty coffee table books that people got you over the holidays… the silly novelty books that are only funny once (Cats with Mustaches, I’m looking at you)… the college textbooks that you only keep around because they cost $100 each. Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and make them disappear – or better yet, transform them into books you actually want to read? Then you need to host a book swap party!     How it Works If you’ve never been to [...]

Notes on a Book Sale

I am a big fan of the Seattle Public Library; they have an incredible selection of books, e-books, CDs, DVDs, and other media, plus some great free services, ranging from personalized book recommendations to 24/7 online chat with a librarian, all of which I love to talk about to — at — anyone who will listen. But my favorite way of showing the library some love is at their semi-annual Friends of the Library book sales, where up to 250,000 items are up for grabs for $2 or less. I try to make it to every sale (because my bookshelves [...]

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Beyond Books: 7 Services You May Not Know Your Library Offers

Sure, everyone knows you can borrow books from a library; that’s pretty much the textbook definition (ahaha). But you may not realize the wide range of helpful services, free programs, and other resources that your local library also offers. This is especially great for students, the unemployed/underemployed, or anyone who’s watching their budget, which is basically everyone these days. (These services are available at the admittedly superior Seattle Public Library, but your library may have even more freebies and events — check them out!) 1. Ask a librarian: You can chat online or even text them a question. Librarians are online 24/7/365 [...]

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