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How to Throw an Awesome Coloring Book Party

You may have noticed that we’re pretty excited about coloring books — see our favorite grownup coloring books, more favorite coloring books, and top fashion coloring books for proof. So it finally occurred to us to gather some friends together and throw a coloring book party! After all, who wouldn’t enjoy some mental relaxation at the end of a long week? (Not to mention rainbow-colored snacks.) Here’s how to put together a coloring book party with your friends! What You’ll Need for a Coloring Book Party Coloring books (buy a few to share or have guests bring their own) Coloring [...]

2016-12-31T17:57:59-07:00May 5th, 2016|

You Can’t Hide from the Holidays

  Sorry, friends, but now that the last plate of leftovers has been eaten, it's time to emerge from our turkey comas and face the holidays — and all the frenzied shopping, social obligation, and family time that comes with them. Personally, I actually do enjoy all the Christmas rituals (if not for religious reasons). I put up a tree each year, send out cards, and bake more cookies than we could possibly eat. There are holiday movies to watch, spiked cider to drink, and sequined sweaters to flaunt. All grand traditions! This year, though, I'm also introducing a couple [...]

2016-12-31T17:59:05-07:00November 27th, 2012|

Murder Most Silly: 8 Cozy Mysteries with Ridiculous Titles

Not being an avid mystery reader myself, I just recently learned about the “cozy mystery” sub-genre. But now that I’ve done a little research, I’m thinking about a career as a mystery writer, because they pretty much seem to write themselves: a single lady with a cutesy job discovers the body of a person that everyone disliked, suspicion falls upon her for some reason, and she decides to solve the case herself with help from the town’s array of kooky characters. By the time you’ve finished your tea and scones, the mystery is neatly solved and order is restored. If [...]