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Murder Most Silly: 8 Cozy Mysteries with Ridiculous Titles

Not being an avid mystery reader myself, I just recently learned about the “cozy mystery” sub-genre. But now that I’ve done a little research, I’m thinking about a career as a mystery writer, because they pretty much seem to write themselves: a single lady with a cutesy job discovers the body of a person that everyone disliked, suspicion falls upon her for some reason, and she decides to solve the case herself with help from the town’s array of kooky characters. By the time you’ve finished your tea and scones, the mystery is neatly solved and order is restored. If [...]

Looking for a few Goodreads.

I'm a pretty dedicated Type A, but even I drew the line at my borderline-OCD friend's array of spreadsheets tracking his annual book, music, and movie consumption. It just seemed like way too much administrative time that could be better spent on the couch, reading more books. Until recently, that is, when a few embarrassing memory lapses (like re-requesting a book from the library that I'd already borrowed and read... guess it wasn't that memorable) convinced me that I needed a trackable system. Enter Goodreads. Goodreads has been around for a few years now, and its claim to fame is stacking a [...]

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