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The Little House Cookbook

5 Mouth-Watering Literary Cookbooks

Do you like food? Do you like books? Do I even have to ask? The rich sensory detail of food has a strangely immersive power when reading fiction — think of iconic dishes like Narnia’s tempting Turkish delight or Harry Potter’s festive butterbeer. These cookbooks, ranging from the imagined cuisine of a medieval fantasy world to a fictional detective’s homemade…

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Novel Teas

Bookish Beverages to Drink While You Read

Books and beverages: a match made in heaven! I’m almost never without something to drink when I’m reading, whether it’s coffee with my morning news, a steaming mug of tea with a novel, or a soothing glass of wine with a magazine. Whatever your poison, there’s a literary-themed drink to go with your next reading session. Drink up! Balzac’s Coffee…

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Oatmeal craisin cookies

Bookish Baking: Chewy Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

I can’t imagine a better way to spend a winter weekend day than lounging around reading a good book while the scent of freshly baked cookies fills the house! Here’s one of my go-to recipes for a hearty, chewy cookie. Plus, it uses whole wheat flour, rolled oats, and dried fruit, so it’s practically health food! This makes a big…

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