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Reading List: Orphan Black

SPOILER ALERT: This list contains a minor spoiler about the premise of the show. If you haven’t started watching “Orphan Black” yet, you might want to do that first. My friends have been raving about “Orphan Black” for months now, so when I finally sat down to watch it this week, I was fully prepared for the usual disappointing experience…

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Book vs. Movie Medium

Book vs. Movie — The Princess Bride

True Love Always Wins The Story True love is the driving force behind The Princess Bride, a gentle spoof of the classic fairy tale.  In the picturesque country of Florin, the exceedingly handsome yet humble Westley and the extraordinarily beautiful Buttercup – having quietly pined for years – finally conjure up the courage to express their great love for each…

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The author in 2008.

RIP Peter Matthiessen

Award Winning Author Dies at Age 86 Following an acclaimed career spanning six decades, author Peter Matthiessen passed away on April 5, 2014 at the age of 86 while waiting for the publication of his final novel.  Twice winner of National Book Awards for The Snow Leopard (1980-General Non-Fiction) and Shadow Country (2008-Fiction) – the only writer to have won…

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