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Want to Be First to Know About YA Releases?

We’ve been working on something pretty great for you lately, and I think you’re really going to like it! Or at least you will if you like being in the know about upcoming 2015 releases in YA fiction. (And who doesn’t?) On our brand-new 2015 YA Releases page, you’ll find publication dates for your favorite YA authors and series, plus…

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Spring 2015 Books We Can’t Wait to Read

Time travel, apocalypses, and abduction, oh my! These spring 2015 books include some fantastic sci-fi and speculative fiction that I’m really excited about, plus some shocking stranger-than-fiction real-life stories. Which one are you most excited about? Girl in the Dark: A Memoir (available now) Author: Anna Lyndsey Anna is a young woman with a fast-paced job at a hectic government…

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Horseback riding on the pampas

Literary Travel: Buenos Aires, Argentina

The third and final stop on our South American trip, after Montevideo and Cordoba, was Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Well, we’d been to and from the airport a few times by this point, but that hardly counts.) My #1 vacation activity is museums, so I was particularly excited to visit the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, MALBA, and the Museo Evita,…

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