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Cheap Reads: How to Get Free (and Almost-Free) Books

I read all the time — but I almost never buy books at full price. There's no need to, when you know the secrets of getting books for free or on the cheap. Read our 9 strategies for getting free and cheap books and see how many of these penny-pinching tricks are new to you. If you've got your own thrifty secrets that we didn't cover, tell us about it in the comments!

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9 Easy Ways to Get Free and Cheap Books

Here at Readers Lane, we love to read and we love a deal. (So reading about deals is probably the best of all.) If your bookshelves are leaving you uninspired, take a look at these great sources for free and cheap books. 1.    Thrift stores: Many thrifters take one look at the yellowed, teetering towers of 50-year-old National Geographics and zoom right past the book department. But once you’re done browsing for vintage clothes and kitschy art, stop by the books and you might be pleasantly surprised. Most hardcovers are under $3, and paperbacks are often less than $1 — and [...]

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