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Chilling Thrillers for the Last Days of Summer

Friends, we are on the home stretch of summer! If your favorite season is fall, like me, this is welcome news indeed. But just in case you’re looking for some suspenseful page-turners to fill up the last few precious days of warm weather, here are some of the hottest summer thrillers of 2018. (Don’t worry, they’re just as good if you’re hunkered down by an air-conditioning unit, guzzling cold brew and cursing the summer heat -- which is where you’ll find me.) Jar of Hearts Author: Jennifer Hillier   At age 16, Angela Wong -- one of the most popular [...]

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Modern Sherlock Holmes Retellings

Ever wanted to try your hand at writing some Sherlock Holmes fanfic? Well, we have some good news for you. In 2014, Sherlock Holmes officially entered the public domain, meaning that anyone who feels like taking the fictional sleuth for a spin is legally free to do so. If you’d rather play armchair detective and solve someone else’s literary puzzles, these Sherlock Holmes retellings are some of our favorite modern-day takes on the brilliant, eccentric sleuth. The House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes Novel Author: Anthony Horowitz Arthur Conan Doyle is a tough act to follow, but his estate selected [...]

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2018’s Hottest New Rock Star Romances

Looking for a sizzling-hot read for these sultry summer nights? You can't beat a good rock star romance. Check out one of these brand-new rock star romances for sexy stories of bad-boy musicians and the irresistible women who make them want to be good. We recommend pouring yourself a cold beverage before you start reading, in case you need to take a break and ice yourself down! Turn the Page: Rock Star Romance Author: Sydney Logan Corbin James is completely over the hard-partying life of a rock star. After his second session in rehab, he goes home to Riverview, intending to [...]

2018-07-12T07:26:39-07:00July 12th, 2018|