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Book Trailer Review: Seraphina

Dragon Lady Welcome back to our book trailer reviews, where we judge a book by its trailer. This review takes us back to fantasy land with Rachel Hartman’s debut YA novel, Seraphina. (Read our full Seraphina review.) Don’t know what a book trailer is? Check out our guide. In the kingdom of Goredd, humans and dragons co-exist together in an uneasy peace; dragons can assume human form in order to live side by side with people. As the 40th anniversary of the peace treaty approaches, lavish celebrations are being planned; unfortunately for the talented musician and secretly half-dragon Seraphina Dombegh, [...]

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Book Trailer Review: The Journal of Best Practices

Usually, people watch book trailers to learn more about an upcoming release or to decide whether they want to actually get the book. But with The Journal of Best Practices, it just so happens that I’ve already read it. So does the trailer accurately reflect the book? This is one of the longer “author interview” style trailers, clocking in at around 3 minutes. While it’s interesting to see and hear author David Finch (and his long-suffering wife Kristen), this trailer, created by the publisher, doesn’t do much to liven up the talking-head format. Some bland adult-contemporary music and a slow [...]

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Book Trailer Review – Graceling

Let's take a look at the short trailer for the Graceling books.  As of this writing there are three - Graceling, Fire and Bitterblue.  Not familiar with Book Trailers?  Take a look at our handy Book Trailer Guide.     I love the look and feel of this trailer.  The very middle-ages themes and graphics, along with the battle music, bring an urgency to even such a short clip and makes the books seem exciting and filled with action.  We get the idea that the kingdoms are in peril and that there is one person who must unite them.  All [...]

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