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Seraphina Revisited

A while back, we reviewed the book trailer for the dragon-filled fantasy novel Seraphina. On first viewing, we gave the trailer a solid B+ (points awarded for originality of dragon-human-politics premise, deducted for cheesy low-budget costumes). The early buzz was so positive that we were excited to get our claws on it! Now that we’ve read the book, check out our Seraphina review for the full story — and why we’re actually hoping for a sequel.

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Book Trailer: Sorry Please Thank You

In my previous book trailer review, I opined that the purpose of a trailer was to give you a preview of a book. But I may have been wrong about that. The purpose of a book trailer is really to get you interested in a book by piquing your curiosity, and sometimes the best way to accomplish that is via a clever, quirky gag that sets a certain tone. The trailer for Sorry Please Thank You, a collection of short stories, seemingly has little to do with the actual book. It’s supposedly a commercial for a service that allows you [...]

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Book Trailer Review: 1Q84

I know, I know, the purpose of a book trailer is to give you a preview of a book you haven’t read. So I’m cheating this time, because I’ve already read Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 — and it’s a good thing, because you’re not going to learn anything about the actual plot from this vague, surreal slideshow of a trailer. (Don't know what a book trailer is? Check out our book trailer guide.) The biggest clue you’ll get is at the beginning, when the screen fills with a giant, neon-pink 1984. The “9” begins to rotate, whirling around to show a [...]

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