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About Sue Millinocket

Sue is the Editorial Manager at Silver Beacon Marketing. She reads books, watches TV, tries to over-mother her grown children and aspires to someday be the neighborhood Crazy Cat Lady.

Gone Girl – The Movie

Let's Pick the Cast! A while back I read and reviewed Gillian Flynn's bestselling thriller Gone Girl.  As it turns out, the book is being made into a movie.  I'm not surprised - it was successful and that's all it usually takes.  But in this case, I love the idea - the book is so solid, the plot to well woven and the characters so much evil fun that in the right hands, it could be a great movie. The most fun part about anticipating any book to movie adaptation is playing Home Casting Director.  Who do we think should [...]

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Valentine’s Day Books for the maladjusted, unromantic, misanthrope. You know who you are.

Is this how you feel about Valentine's Day? Then you are in the right place. No more candy, no more hearts, lots of anti-Valentine's Day reading charts! If you’re the kind of person who knocks heart-shaped boxes of chocolates out of little old ladies’ hands and hisses when confronted with a teddy bear holding silk roses, have we got the anti-valentine's day reading list for you! Each of these heart-chilling selections is guaranteed to confirm your darkest suspicions about human nature and is perfect for reading blissfully alone, by the light of a flaming Hallmark-card bonfire.   Hate [...]

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6 Great Romance Novels

Love is in the air... It's February!  Certainly time for a few great romances to fill out your home library.  Instead of choosing classic romances for our top 6, we've decided on some more contemporary choices to sate your romantic (book) desires.   No bodice rippers (not that we have anything against those) or Jane Austen (not that we have anything against her, either) - instead we've chosen novels that will appeal to the romantic in everyone, from teenager to time traveler.  Even if Valentine's Day isn't on your radar, take a chance on fictional love and dig in.  You can [...]

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