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Little Free Library Adventure Series

[wptabs] [wptabtitle]What Is a Little Free Library?[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent] The Little Free Library Story To true bibliophiles, a library is a sacred temple of sorts, a place where the written word is revered in hushed tones.   Quietly, over the past few years new shrines have been popping up all over the world.  Known as Little Free Libraries, they number more than 4000 strong and are currently located on 5 continents. The brainchild of Todd Bol, who erected the first little library to honor his school teacher mother in Hudson, Wisconsin – just east of the Twin Cities – the idea has [...]

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ANTI-CHRISTmas Reading List 2012

Keep the Saturn in Saturnalia! Sunrise on the winter solstice at Stonehenge. Maybe you’re like me.  I’m perfectly happy to admit that we all need a way to get through the miserable dark days of winter.  The Christmas holiday serves this purpose very nicely, allowing everyone to enjoy special time with friends and family, emphasize the goodness of the human spirit and find reasons to be nice to strangers. But maybe the whole Christ part of the holiday grates on you a bit.   Maybe you’ve been worn down by the inevitable yearly encounter with a smug Christian who [...]

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Happy Holiday Reading Guide

Ho-Ho-Holiday Reading! So what do you do when the holidays are coming and you need some way to get in the spirit?  We can’t count on snow, shopping can get too stressful and putting up the Christmas tree makes someone in this house say bad words.  So we do what we do best – reach for a book.  Here is a list of books that should warm the cockles of your weary holiday heart and have you humming carols as you sit in front of a crackling holiday fire.  Or on the beach, in your air conditioned house or in [...]

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