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5 Cookbooks for Summer Cooking

Here in Seattle, we've had some unusually hot summer days — I’m talking temps in the 90s. And that means it is TOO HOT TO COOK. These great summer cookbooks will get you out of that stuffy kitchen and into the backyard, grilling up simple and delicious meals using fresh seasonal ingredients. Or if that seems like too much effort, feel free to simply pour yourself a mimosa for dinner and leaf through the pages as you slowly sweat to death in front of a fan. Summer Food: New Summer Classics As soon as you see the deliciously ripe heirloom [...]

2016-12-31T17:58:38-07:00July 30th, 2014|

Your Next 5: Dystopians for Grownups

I’ve talked before about Your Next 5, the awesome free Seattle Public Library service where librarians create customized reading lists for you based on your favorite authors, genres, and titles. After all, who better than a librarian to introduce you to a great new book? You may already know that I have a bit of a YA dystopian obsession, which means I’ve plowed through most of the better-known and recently published ones. So this time, I was looking for dystopian novels for adult audiences, ideally some obscure or older titles that haven’t gotten the love they deserve. Oh, and enough [...]

2016-12-31T17:58:45-07:00March 27th, 2014|

Seattle Indie Booksellers on the Future of the Book

Last weekend, I went to the Friends of the Seattle Public Library’s annual meeting, which featured a panel discussion on “The Future of the Book” with four Seattle independent bookstore owners: Lara Hamilton of Book Larder, Danielle Hulton of Ada’s Technical Books, Debbie Sarow of Mercer Street Books, and Christy Dawn of Secret Garden Books. Are they feeling threatened in an era of Amazon and e-books? Their answers (paraphrased by me) might surprise you. Seattle City Librarian Marcellus Turner listens to Lara Hamilton, Danielle Hulton, Debbie Sarow, and Christy Dawn talk books. Lara Hamilton, Book Larder As the [...]

2016-12-31T17:58:53-07:00October 11th, 2013|