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Gilded Cage

Fly Away Home Author: Vic James   After you’ve read a few million YA novels, they all kind of start to run together. IN A WORLD of unbelievable grimness and arbitrary sorting of the population, One Special Teen Girl has a magical gift that could change the world… if only she weren’t so distracted by the romantic attentions of a Nice Boy and a Bad Boy. How refreshing it is to read a YA fantasy like Gilded Cage, by Vic James, that at least tries to deliver a more credible world-building experience! The story is set in present-day England, in [...]

February 15th, 2017|Tags: |

Last Girl, The

An Unlikely Apocalypse Author: Joe Hart By now, I think I’ve read just about every kind of futuristic dystopian scenario that a young adult novelist can dream up, so I was just glad that The Last Girl did not involve any sort of gladiatorial teen tournament imposed by a cruel government. Still, following in the footsteps of classics like The Handmaid’s Tale gives you some pretty big shoes to fill (pardon the mixed metaphor). Does this new, woman-centric apocalypse adventure add something new to the conversation? The plot: 25 years ago, some sort of global epidemic reduced the birthrate of [...]

March 31st, 2016|Tags: |

Winter People, The

Winter Is Coming Author: Jennifer McMahon Friends, I am well and truly over the zombie pop-culture craze — movies, TV shows, action figures, you name it (I'm looking at you, The Winter People). So I was a bit irked when I realized I’d been tricked into reading a zombie thriller novel. Then things got weird. Haunted houses full of secret compartments, a madwoman’s hidden diary, Indian wise women, cursed rings, evil woods where shadowy figures lurk… there’s a whole lot of creepy paranormal phenomena, but does it add up to a good story? Since their father’s death, rebellious teen Ruthie [...]

February 8th, 2016|Tags: |