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Seattle’s Edible Book Festival Will Make You Hungry

I’ve been wanting to visit the Seattle Edible Book Festival for a while now — any event that combines books and food sounds ideal to me. Kids and adults create “books” out of edible materials and enter to win prizes, while attendees vote on their favorites and get to eat the entries after the judging. Last weekend, I finally got a chance to see it at Third Place Books! The unique literary festival is put on by the Shoreline – Lake Forest Park Arts Council, a community-based arts organization. But this free, all-ages event is strictly for fun (although donations [...]

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3 Reasons Why Tudor Life Might Be Better than You Think

What does a 21st-century person need to know about how to be a Tudor? When people think about life in Tudor-era England (basically the 16th century), they often imagine the extremes — either the glittering wealth and lavish courts of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I, or a miserable medieval peasant’s grim existence. But, as historian Ruth Goodman explains in her new book How To Be a Tudor, there were many people in between. Farmers owned land and raised animals, skilled tradesmen made beautiful and high-quality handmade goods, and the monasteries offered employment, community, and social welfare. And Goodman [...]

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I Went to the Amazon Bookstore So You Don’t Have To

When the Amazon bookstore in Seattle opened last week, I asked my friends whether they planned to go and got mostly angry, “hell no” anti-Amazon reactions. But I couldn’t help being curious about… whatever it is Amazon thinks they’re doing. So I decided to spare you a trip and go check it out! Inside the Store The Amazon bookstore is located in the University Village mall, or “outdoor lifestyle shopping center,” which probably tells you everything you need to know. It’s the kind of place that has three Starbucks locations so the Lululemon-wearing ladies don’t have to walk too far [...]

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