Frances Carden

About Frances

Frances has been published in Abundant Grace, Magical: An Anthology of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and other Magical Fiction for Adults, Answers I’ll Accept: True Accounts of Online Dating, 20 Something Magazine, and Wisteria Magazine. She wrote for for eight years.

Frances has a Masters in Fiction Writing from Johns Hopkins  and works as a technical writer during the day, where she attempts to make software exciting.

Frances’ Reviews

yoga bitch book cover

Yoga Bitch

One Woman's Sarcastic Journey Through Belief . . . and Urine Therapy By: Suzanne Morrison In love with every form ...
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The Religion book cover

The Religion

Ancient African Gods and Cataclysm in New York Author: Nicholas Conde After the devastating death of his young wife, anthropologist ...
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Standard Deviation cover

Standard Deviation

Everything's Temporary Author: Katherine Heiny Life is a compilation not only of choices made, but opportunities missed, choices left to ...
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Ultimates 3: Who Killed the Scarlet Witch cover

Ultimates 3: Who Killed the Scarlet Witch

The Ultimate Bore: Or How to Draw Like Rob Liefeld Author: Jeph Loeb Illustrators: Joe Madureira and Christian Lichtner After ...
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Unfuck Your Habitat book cover

Unfuck Your Habitat

The Junk that Binds Author: Rachel Hoffman During Lent, last year, I had given-up book purchasing and was suffering the ...
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Brew to a Kill cover

Brew to a Kill, A

Coffee, Killings, and Crazy Driving  Author: Cleo Coyle Back in the mood for coffee and killings, I dived into Coyle’s ...
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The Sellout book cover

Sellout, The

If Monty Python Dealt With Race. . . Author: Paul Beatty  Following on the heels of the disturbing bestseller Underground Railroad which used ...
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1105 Yakima Street book cover

1105 Yakima Street

A Story More Skeleton than Personality Author: Debbie Macomber Making our way through a mixed audio CD book lot from ...
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A Fatal Grace cover

Fatal Grace, A

Rawness, Revenge, Remorse Author: Louise Penny Winter is once again descending on Three Pines, an isolated Quebec village where abuses, ...
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Cyrano de Bergerac cover

Cyrano de Bergerac

A Different Kind of Beauty, a Swashbuckling Kind of Beast Author: Edmond Rostand Famous for its tragic romance and the ...
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Flabbergasted cover


God, Young Love, and Beaches Author: Ray Blackston Listening to Ray Blackston’s Flabbergasted while the warm summer air flowed through the car ...
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Shopgirl cover


Shopgirl: Steve Martin Writes Depressing Romance Philosophy Author: Steve Martin Back to my dwindling supply of hodge-podge books from a ...
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The Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad, The

Magical Realism and a Gut-Wrenching Journey Through African American History Author: Colson Whitehead As our book club’s May choice, we ...
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Perfect Little World cover

Perfect Little World

Would You Live as a Science Experiment for Your Child? Author: Kevin Wilson As I sit her today with the ...
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At Home in Mitford cover

At Home in Mitford

Cozy Meets Life Changing: From Jewel Theft to Falling in Love Author: Jan Karon Docile, lovable Father Tim, the bachelor ...
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The Orphan Keeper cover

The Orphan Keeper

Starving. Kidnapped. Stolen. Seeking. Author: Camron Wright As an Audible recommendation of the week with an interesting premise and the ...
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Eve cover


The Author of The Shack is Back! Author: WM. Paul Young Best-selling author of the modern spiritual classic, The Shack, WM. Paul ...
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A Salty Piece of Land

Salty Piece of Land, A

A Salty Piece of Bland: Or, How to Make a Reader Salty Author: Jimmy Buffett Setting off from a magical ...
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All Things Wise and Wonderful

All Things Wise and Wonderful

James Herriot's Loving Memories as He Goes Through WWII Author: James Herriot Back in the cozy realms of James Herriot’s ...
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Catering to Nobody cover

Catering to Nobody

Serving Up Murder - Or is it Cold Leftovers? Author: Diane Mott Davidson Thanks to several mystery book lots from eBay, ...
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