2016 Summer Book Bingo

Summer Book Bingo is in full swing here in Seattle! I was able to log some serious vacation reading time recently, so I’ve been making progress on my summer book bingo card. (But don’t be too impressed — I also scribbled in books-in-progress that aren’t finished yet.) 

Here’s what I’ve got so far, including books I’m haven’t finished yet (marked with an asterisk):

One of my favorite parts of Summer Book Bingo is how it encourages/forces me to seek out books I wouldn’t normally have read. I’m pretty negligent about reading international literature, but now I’m looking forward to trying out The Vegetarian. And I loved the Korean cookbook, which gave me tons of ideas for additional ways to cram kimchi into my mouth! I usually don’t listen to audiobooks either, but I’m having fun listening to Underground Airlines, a novel that imagines an America where the Civil War never happened and slavery is still legal in some states.

Join in the Book Bingo fun

Download your book bingo card and start playing today! Fill in the squares with book titles as you finish them. Go for a bingo and you could win a $30 gift card to an independent bookstore. Get the full blackout and you could win a library of books by 2016–17 Seattle Arts & Lectures authors AND two SAL 2016-2017 season tickets! (Blackout cards are also eligible to win the bingo prizes.)

Want to share your book bingo progress on social? On Twitter, tag #BookBingoNW2016, @SeaArtsLectures, and @SPLBuzz. On Instagram, tag #BookBingoNW2016, @seattlepubliclibrary, and @seattleartsandlectures. You can also submit your completed bingo card using these tags.

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