2016 Summer Book Bingo

Can you believe summer is almost over? Time to do a final Summer Book Bingo 2016 check-in! I’ve been working on a blackout all summer, but I’ll be reading right up until the last minute to get ‘er done. Thank goodness for a long holiday weekend, aka an extra day for frantic bingo reading.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Here’s my hard-won advice from scrambling to complete my bingo card this summer.

Don’t get distracted: I read more books this summer than I listed here, but many of them didn’t fit into bingo categories. Because I was reading continuously, I thought I was staying on track, even though I wasn’t filling in squares fast enough. Keep an eye on your progress and don’t fall behind.

Dive into the back catalog: I had a harder time finishing the blackout this year, because REALLY popular new books can have 500+ holds when they’re released. I’m still waiting to receive some of the books I thought I was going to read for Book Bingo 2016! There are plenty of great books from previous years at the library, and you’ll get them much faster than, say, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (I’m #543 and counting).

You still have time to send in your Book Bingo 2016 playing cards through Sept. 5! On Twitter, tag #BookBingoNW2016, @SeaArtsLectures, and @SPLBuzz. On Instagram, tag #BookBingoNW2016, @seattlepubliclibrary, and @seattleartsandlectures. Tell us what you’ve been reading for Book Bingo 2016 in the comments!

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