Want to tell the world just how much you adore books? Well, heads up, they probably already know. But go ahead and proudly wear one of these awesome literary T-shirts to remove all doubt. Get ready for lots of compliments from fellow book lovers! And bonus points if your literary T-shirts are covered in cat hair.

Friends? Don't You Mean Books? shirtFriends? Don’t You Mean Books? ($24)
Let’s be honest: we’ve all slipped and said, “My friend [fictional character]…” before trailing off in shame. Books make great friends, especially if you’re an introvert! This shirt will get plenty of knowing looks and smiles when you wear it… or it would if you actually left the house in it.





This Is How We Roll shirtThis Is How We Roll Women’s Shirt ($30)
If your other car is a library cart, you’ll appreciate this cute library-themed shirt featuring a rolling book cart. Perfect for librarians, bookstore employees, or anyone else who has loaded one of these babies up and taken it for a spin.







My Weekend Is Booked shirtMy Weekend Is All Booked ($20)
Leave the house? No, thank you. Let everyone know you’ve got plans for the whole weekend, and they don’t involve people. Bonus: you can wear this shirt all weekend long. Who’s gonna know? Mr. Darcy loves you just the way you are.





Stack of Books PulloverStack of Books Pullover ($30)
Well, it is fall, after all, so we should probably throw a sweatshirt or two on the list. This simple illustration of a pile of books needs no explanation, and the flattering slim cut and scoop neck takes your literary style up a notch.







Cinder Litograph TeeCinder Litograph Tee ($34)
Litograph makes tons of book lovers’ T-shirts with a neat twist: each design uses the actual text of the book to form a thematically related image. We like this illustration of YA favorite Cinder (which appeared in our 2015 fall book preview), but you can find everything from classics of literature to nonfiction, essays, and even source code.





Bookmarks Are For Quitters shirtBookmarks Are For Quitters ($15)
Challenge accepted! If you’ve ever played the “just one more page/chapter/section” game (and who hasn’t?), you’ll appreciate the take-no-prisoners attitude of this shirt.







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