About Sue

Sue photoSue is an old-school book nerd who remembers when Arrow and Tab book club delivery days were the highlight of elementary school. She would trudge home with her stack of paperbacks and lie on the front porch swing and read – Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, and so many more. After switching to Stephen King at age 12, clearly marking her as a JDR (Juvenile Delinquent Reader), she was able to hide just enough of her inner nerd to survive high school.

After graduating from college with a whole bunch of degrees, she abruptly abandoned her career and stayed home with her babies. With few societal constraints, she turned back to the world of horror fiction and expanded into pretty much every other genre available. Which explains the 20 books currently residing on her bedside table.

When she isn’t reading, watching TV and movies, having a love/hate relationship with her two cats, drinking martinis with her husband or over-mothering her now nearly grown children, Sue is an Editorial Manager at Silver Beacon Marketing. She oversees Readers Lane, Movie Rewind and Pop Rock Nation and nags her boss about his schedule. She feels that this is an ideal use of her skill sets.

Sue’s Reviews

Tease Book Cover


About a Bully Author: Amanda Maciel Bullies.  We hear a lot about them these days.  They are on your children’s ...
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Allegiant Cover


Dystopian Trilogy Fail Author: Veronica Roth Sigh.  When books come in threes, and you read the first two, do you ...
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Flash Fiction Contest Terms and Conditions

These terms cover ReadersLane.com Flash Fiction Summer Extravaganza (“Contest.”) There is no purchase necessary. To enter, authors submit a flash ...
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Insurgent Book Cover


Faltering Factions Author: Veronica Roth Let’s just pick up with the question everyone wants to know: Is Insurgent as good ...
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Panthers Play for Keeps Cover

Panthers Play for Keeps

Cat-ch Me If You Can Author: Clea Simon I suspect that most pet owners wonder what might be going through ...
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Undying Book Cover


Love, Resurrected Author: Cyndy Aleo I love supernatural stories.  There’s such freedom in being able to throw the laws of ...
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Touch of Darkness Cover

Touch of Darkness, A

Steamy Fallen Angel Sex Authors: Yelena Casale, Tina Moss I do love a good supernatural thriller – who doesn’t?  Fallen ...
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Divergent (Sue)

What's in Your Faction? Author: Veronica Roth Oh, dystopian teen fiction, I love you so.  You are the perfect palate ...
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Fault In Our Stars Cover

Fault In Our Stars, The

Cry Me An Ocean Author: John Green Red, puffy eyes are not a good look for me.  Seriously.  And I’m ...
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Surviving Tacoma

Dystopian Disaster Author: Damon Verial I haven’t always been a fan of the dystopian thriller.  But as the genre gains ...
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Daughter of Fortune Cover

Daughter of Fortune

Dense Historical Fiction Author: Isabel Allende The Plot Daughter of Fortune is ostensibly the story of Eliza Sommers.  Abandoned as ...
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Broom With a View Cover

Broom With a View

X Marks the Witch Authors: Gayla Twist, Ted Naifeh One of the things I enjoy most about YA fantasy novels ...
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Flip, The

Flipped Off Author: C. Dennis Moore I can take quite a lot when it comes to reading horror.  Not watching ...
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Stormy Weather

Dream or Nightmare? Author: Dermot Davis Do you remember your dreams?  I have the tendency to dream a lot early ...
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Bag of Bones

Letting the Bones Out of the Bag Author: Stephen King Calling something “average” really doesn’t sound like a compliment.  But ...
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Infinity Program, The

Alien Computer?  Hell Yes! Author: Richard Hardy I am not a hater of technobabble.  I’m perfectly happy to have my ...
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Worst Thing, The

Icelandic Abduction Author: Aaron Elkins So I guess there are places where kidnap for ransom is big business.  Not just ...
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Language of Flowers, The

Speaking in Petals Author: Vanessa Diffenbaugh Once upon a time, I worked for a florist.  In all honesty, I still ...
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Dying to Know Cover

Dying to Know

Gumshoe Ghost Series Premier Author: T.J. O'Connor I do love a good haunting.  And while I generally look for my ...
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Doctor Sleep

The Shining, The Sequel Author: Stephen King No matter how rich, famous, beloved, acclaimed or just plain awesome an author ...
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