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Books About Dysfunctional Families for Thanksgiving

Brace yourself -- it’s nearly Thanksgiving, aka prime time for dysfunctional families! And whether you’re on a plane back to your hometown, hosting friends for a potluck, or ordering pizza and not answering your phone, the holiday season often leads to reflection, resentment, and recrimination as old family dramas flare up again. We can’t promise you that the holidays will be happy, but we can offer you some new, entertaining reading about even more dysfunctional families that may make you feel a bit better about what’s in store for you. (Best read while consuming an entire pumpkin pie directly out [...]

November 21st, 2017|Tags: , |

Haunting New Thrillers to Make You Shiver

October is the perfect month to dive right into delightfully scary books! Whether your tastes run more to psychological suspense, amateur sleuths hunting killers, or supernatural dread, these terrifying new thrillers will deliver all the chills you can handle. Get in the Halloween spirit with these frightening books -- if you dare! The Crow Garden  Author: Alison Littlewood After his father commits suicide, Nathaniel Kerner abandons his lucrative consulting practice to become a doctor at the Crakethorne Asylum, but the asylum’s owner seems more interested in fiddling around with phrenology and skulls than taking care of his patients. One such [...]

October 23rd, 2017|Tags: , |

Must-have Fall Book Accessories Under $20

Accessories are the best. We’ve been waiting all summer to get our scarves, boots, and gloves back out again! Bonus points if your accessories do double duty looking good AND letting the world know how much you love books. These book lovers’ accessories will jazz up your fall wardrobe in a highly literary way! And since they're all under $20, you can afford to get them all. Book Lovers’ Club Pin ($10) Members only! We love this elegantly designed Book Lovers Club Lifetime Member pin, suitable for wearing on your jacket, backpack or lapel. It even comes with a super-official [...]

October 18th, 2017|