I’m going on a blind date for Valentine’s Day… without my husband. From what I’ve heard, my date is tall, dark, and likes to wear black. My date also happens to be a book — and the matchmaker was the Seattle Public Library.

wrapped books on a library shelf

This February, the library is once again sparking book love by offering a Blind Date with a Book at the Central Library. Use the color-coded chart to find out a little bit about your potential match: a green heart means sci-fi romance, rainbow means LGBTQ, and red means Galentine’s Day books for ladies. I decided on black, aka horror/dystopian, and picked out a wrapped book with a matching black heart, making sure to look away when I checked it out so it would be a true surprise!

wrapped book with a black heart on the front

At home, I unwrapped the book (and was pretty impressed that the white wrapping paper was black on the inside to match). My date was Devil’s Day, by Andrew Michael Hurley, a spooky, slow-burning tale set in a very, very small farming community in rural England. The village isn’t thriving, and the few remaining families follow ancient superstitions to keep the Devil away by throwing him an annual feast — but it seems that evil may have found its way to their valley nonetheless.

Devil's Day by Andrew Michael Hurley

I’d never heard of the author or the book, and as any reader knows, it’s a real treat to be handed a totally new book they haven’t already read! And since we happen to be in the middle of a pretty serious snowstorm, I was more than happy to stay safely inside and read about a fictional snowstorm instead.

If you’re in Seattle and want to try a blind date with a book, the Central Library will be offering these color-coded romances through Valentine’s Day on February 14!

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